Faizan HussainFaizan Hussain
15:35 29 May 24
Miguel VasquezMiguel Vasquez
15:02 29 May 24
Arun HussainArun Hussain
23:43 23 May 24
One of the best auto body shop in queens hands down! Steve is my guy and he took extra care of my Lexus he brought this car back to life I was really impressed and when I saw my car I couldn’t stop smiling ! The prices are affordable and the service is top notch ! Highly recommend for anyone looking to get body work done on their car . They do it all . Huge thank you to Steve .
20:13 23 May 24
Noah SukhooNoah Sukhoo
13:27 21 May 24
Excellent service.Smooth and quick transaction💯Forgot to make an appointment but they still took care of business.
Johnathan LouisJohnathan Louis
18:13 20 May 24
Great speedy service. Assured as soon as I arrived.i recommend them
Jomo ClarkeJomo Clarke
23:57 17 May 24
I went to Precise Auto Collision to have a photo inspection of my car done for insurance purposes. Many shops in the area that advertise that they do photo inspections would not accommodate me but Precision Auto Collision saved the day. Ryan P was very professional and had me in and out in no time. Thank you.
danielle browndanielle brown
18:34 17 May 24
November ReginsNovember Regins
14:14 17 May 24
Quick in and out inspection for auto insurance
Sophian DeFranceSophian DeFrance
18:19 16 May 24
Very fast, respectful and professional. Will come back in the future.
jenn robjenn rob
17:16 16 May 24
Fast and easy! Nice staff!
Lesmarie ScottLesmarie Scott
15:36 14 May 24
Ferdinand AmitinFerdinand Amitin
13:24 13 May 24
Kevin AybarKevin Aybar
19:35 07 May 24
Super fast service!!
Suresh SookwahSuresh Sookwah
14:11 01 May 24
I had some damages on my car, and the team at the shop did a great job with the repair.
Bryan WilsonBryan Wilson
15:53 09 Apr 24
Definitely coming here for now on. They looked out for me on the spot. They even do photo inspections! Best spot around!
Chimere MayoChimere Mayo
02:17 03 Apr 24
They were professional, accurate with their timeframe and did a great job on my Audi. I do appreciate them getting my car back to me quickly.
Rajveer DhillonRajveer Dhillon
22:38 13 Mar 24
The best place you can go to get you car fixed. The owner of the shop really knows what he is doing . All the guys in the shop were super helpful and the prices are affordable. I would recommend anyone to check this place out. Exceptional service !!!
Michael LeveyMichael Levey
18:47 06 Mar 24
I wasn’t sure if the damages could be matched for the color. The staff said they would do their best.It was better than best, I could not tell the damages were repaired. It was a pearl white Mazda bumper cover and flawless. Highly recommended
Dominic RamnarainDominic Ramnarain
16:20 06 Mar 24
Overall, my experience at Precise was fantastic. They are truly a 5-star auto body shop, and I will definitely be recommending them to anyone who needs car repairs.
02:52 06 Mar 24
been going to this place for years. So when my son's Subaru needed work. I knew exactly where to send it.As always the work was done right and on time with updates at all times.Hard to find guys like this now a days. I come from Long island just to use them . I highly recomend this place.
Kween BydoeKween Bydoe
15:19 04 Mar 24
They are very quick and professional. Will recommend to friends and family.
Ashley AngladaAshley Anglada
17:31 01 Mar 24
I was in a very bad car accident the whole driver side damaged went to precise auto collision, &* they got the job done Car is back & better thanks soo much guys !
04:39 21 Feb 24
It was my first time using Precise Auto Collision and they did an amazing job at fixing my 2009 Honda Accord. They were very easy to deal with and were in communication with me throughout the whole process. I will definitely be using them again if I have any car issues in the future. The owner Mr. Ali is such a wonderful, dedicated, pleasant and fair individual. He is a very experience individual and has the work ethics to master all your automobile repairs. Thank you Precise Auto Collision.
Ryan persaudRyan persaud
23:24 20 Feb 24
I highly recommend Direct Paint job and Collision repair. the owner Ali was in charge of my car repair, and he was meticulous, detail-oriented, and diligent. He did a good job on my Car

Your Trusted Partner for Expert Auto Body Repairs in Queens

Welcome to Precise Auto Collision, the premier destination for expert auto body repairs in Queens. We offer extensive collision repair services for vehicles of all makes and models, making us your trusted ally in bringing your car back to its best shape. Partnering with State Farm Insurance, we guarantee a seamless and stress-free repair experience, ensuring you’re back on the road quickly and safely.

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Auto Body Repairs - State Farm Insurance

Why Bring Your State Farm Insured Car To Us For All Your Auto Body Collision Repairs In Queens, NY?

Frame Machine for Large Auto Accidents - State Farm Insurance

Frame Machine for Large Auto Accidents

Located in the bustling borough of Queens, NY, the go-to choice for auto body repair after a major accident is unequivocal—Insurance companies highly recommend shops that boast a Frame Machine for handling Large Auto Accidents, placing Precise Auto Collision at the forefront for motorists. This endorsement is based on the knowledge that the post-accident condition of your vehicle, concerning its safety and structural integrity, relies heavily on the meticulous repairs made possible by such sophisticated technology. Frame machines play a pivotal role in restoring vehicles to their original manufacturing specifications, an essential factor for ensuring both the safety and durability of your car. For those living in Queens, choosing a facility like Precise Auto Collision, equipped with cutting-edge frame machine technology, translates to opting for assurance. This center not only aligns with the stringent criteria of insurance companies but also demonstrates a deep dedication to maintaining high-quality and safety standards, providing Queens drivers with confidence that their vehicle is in skilled and capable hands.

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Collision Repair for Minor Accidents

In the lively borough of Queens, NY, known for its frequent minor traffic incidents and fender benders, selecting an auto body repair shop that specializes in Collision Repair for Minor Accidents is crucial. Precise Auto Collision emerges as a leading choice among local motorists, thanks to its outstanding ability to meticulously manage every aspect of auto body repair, no matter how minor. This emphasis on detailed minor collision repair is vital for preserving both the look and value of your car, as well as ensuring all safety mechanisms are in perfect working order. Armed with a deep knowledge of the newest repair technologies and a detailed-focused restoration method, the team at Precise Auto Collision ensures that each vehicle is not just visually returned to its state before the accident but is also ready to safely traverse the busy streets of Queens. It’s this commitment to superior quality in repairing minor damages that positions Precise Auto Collision as a top auto body repair facility in Queens, NY.

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Collision Repair for Minor Accidents - State Farm Insurance
Auto Body Painting Services - State Farm Insurance

Down Draft Spray Booth for All Auto Body Painting Services

Securing top-quality auto body painting services following an accident is critical. This underscores the necessity for auto body repair facilities in Queens, NY, to be outfitted with a Down Draft Spray Booth to cater to all auto painting requirements, positioning Precise Auto Collision as the preferred choice. The technology behind the down draft spray booth plays a pivotal role in creating a clean, dust-free setting, essential for a perfect finish and color match. This advanced technology, coupled with the proficiency of Precise Auto Collision, ensures each vehicle benefits from a high-caliber paint job that not only rejuvenates its aesthetic appeal but also shields it from subsequent wear and tear. Opting for a facility like Precise Auto Collision in Queens means placing your trust in a painting process that aligns with the stringent quality and durability standards of auto insurance companies. This level of confidence is particularly significant in Queens’s dynamic environment, emphasizing the importance of preserving your car’s look and structural integrity.

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I-Car Certified in Aluminum Welding

In the bustling urban environment of Queens, NY, the longevity and structural soundness of your vehicle’s repairs are critical, particularly for the intricate work involved in aluminum welding. That’s why it’s crucial to select auto body repair centers that have earned I-CAR Certification in Aluminum Welding. Precise Auto Collision, known for its expertise and dedication to excellence within Queens, is a top pick. Their I-CAR certification showcases their team’s proficiency in aluminum welding, promising repairs that uphold the utmost in durability, safety, and visual appeal. This certification indicates Precise Auto Collision’s capability to manage the complex demands of repairing vehicles with aluminum frames, giving drivers confidence. By choosing an I-CAR Certified facility like Precise Auto Collision, residents of Queens are putting their vehicles in the hands of experts committed to providing high-quality repairs, ensuring the car’s structural integrity, and maintaining its safe navigation through the city.

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I-Car Certified in Aluminum Welding - State Farm Insurance
I- Car Certified in Paint Color Matching - State Farm Insurance

I- Car Certified in Paint Color Matching

In the lively borough of Queens, NY, where every car is a testament to its owner’s pride and the area’s energetic atmosphere, the look of your vehicle is as crucial as how well it runs. Opting for an auto body repair center with an I-CAR Certification in Paint Color Matching, like Precise Auto Collision, makes a significant difference. This certification is much more than a mark of distinction; it signifies a profound dedication to accuracy, ensuring repairs perfectly match your vehicle’s original paint color. For the meticulous motorists of Queens, this guarantees that your vehicle can retain its pristine condition post-accident, with repairs indistinguishable to the observer. The color matching prowess of Precise Auto Collision is especially important in such a vibrant and varied borough, making sure your car not only fits in but shines. Insurance providers recommend shops like Precise Auto Collision, where the aesthetic and monetary value of your vehicle is carefully maintained, mirroring the high standards of service and attention that the residents of Queens rightly expect.

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Precise Auto Collision is committed to offering the highest quality of auto collision and body repair services in Queens. Our strong relationships with insurance companies ensure a smooth and hassle-free repair experience, significantly reducing your stress and vehicle downtime. Armed with certifications in both aluminum welding and paint color matching, and utilizing the latest in repair technology, we guarantee excellence in service and complete satisfaction for our customers.

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Don’t allow vehicle damage to hold you back. Reach out to Precise Auto Collision for a complimentary estimate and discover the pinnacle of auto collision repair services in Queens. Our approachable and knowledgeable team is here to answer your queries and facilitate an efficient repair process.

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